We gather qualified staff from various fields such as IT, automation, electronics and mechatronics. Involvement and continuous development of specialists ensures stable cooperation and is a guarantee of high quality services for our clients.
Service on buildings includes:
•    the commissioning of emergency lighting systems,
•    technical inspections of emergency lighting systems,
•    audits of emergency lighting systems.

Emergency lighting design

The Project Area is a team of experienced designers who provide support in the preparation of the concept of emergency and evacuation lighting fixtures on all public facilities, industrial facilities, office buildings or a collective residence, in accordance with the applicable standards and regulations.

They share their knowledge and design experience while discussing the studies in the field of emergency lighting, location and mounting method of luminaires as well as design requirements.

Technical support - service

Thanks to our comprehensive knowledge of emergency lighting fixtures, dispersed monitoring systems and systems with central power supply, the TM TECHNOLOGIE Sp. z o.o. team of specialists has all the qualifications necessary to carry out technical inspections in accordance with legal and normative provisions. The services provided are always concluded with a protocol containing information, recommendations and remarks made during the work.